Onefootball GmbH

As a senior backend engineer at Onefootball I was responsible for delivering consistent data through reliable services. With more than 4 million active users each month, the project involved a robust stack and investment in making sure everything run 24/7 for the user base. The backend is mostly done in Golang, since we migrated plenty of the PHP code to the language. We used a microservices architecture when migrating the code or introducing new services. The infrastructure is managed by Salt, with recipes to define the infrastructure, based on Ansible. It was a quite challenging and good experience to work for this application. I learned to trust in the power of Redis at this company.

Golang Redis CI/CD AWS Ansible Salt Symfony Doctrine2


Here you can find some nice comments from colleagues I have been working close across the years.

Lars Blumberg

Head of Software Engineering

Guilherme is not only a very carefully and fast learning software engineer. Besides being able to adopt very quickly to new software components, languages, and patterns, he was also an outstanding team colleague. His sharp mind, gentleness and willing to always improve make Guilherme a very valuable team member. I would be very proud if I had the chance to work with him again.

Jonecir Souza

CTO & Consultant

For the past five years, I have been working with Guilherme. Since then, I have gotten to know Guilherme quite well and can thoroughly vouch for his character, professionalism and technical abilities. I have worked with him on close to 15 different IT projects, and I have been constantly impressed with both his technical skills and performance in our field.

André Espeiorin

iOS Developer

Guilherme is a talented language-agnostic programmer. No matter which language, he always begin with the problem itself, this is a rare characteristic nowadays. Also, he has a great team spirit and this makes him easy to fit in any high skilled team.

Edson Mattos

President of Audi C. Inc.

Guilherme is an excellent professional. He is very knowledgeable in everything he does. He always delivers above expectation.

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